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Alex MacLean’s Mesmerizing Aerial Photography

April 18, 2014

Alex MacLean’s photography is unique to say the least. Unlike most of his peers, as both a photographer and pilot, MacLean takes most of his pictures by sticking a camera out of the cockpit window of his Cessna 182 plane. With such an incredible vantage point, MacLean captures aerial images that uncover perspectives unseen by most of the world. Check out some of the best of his aerial photography in the images below.

Incredible Sand Plumes by Alex MacLean

Source ABC News

Aerial Photography of Docked Boats

Source: Instagram

Alex MacLean Aerial Photography

Source ABC News

Alex Maclean intimately explores the relationship between natural and constructed environments by uncovering structures, patterns and changes to the landscape that are caused by human intervention. MacLean is the author of eleven books, and has won numerous photography awards. His aerial photography has been exhibited all over the world. Basically, he’s a pretty talented guy.

Snowy Orchard From Above

Source ABC News

Shipping Yard Bird's Eye View

Source ABC News

Housing Development From Space

Source ABC News

Swimmers in Aerial Photography

Source ABC News

Alex MacLean Captures Overhead Pool Shot

Source ABC News

Farmer in Goodyear, Arizona

Source ABC News

Aerial Photo of Tennis Court

Source ABC News

Aerial Images of Colorful Flower Fields

Source: Instagram

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What We Love This Week, Volume LXI

Iconic Images Of New York City, Now In Color

Arguably the most important city in the world, New York City has been host to a number of influential ideas, figures and events for centuries. While black and white photography has captured much of it, these images assume a new–and even more engaging–light when colored. Lucky for us, the Roosevelts have compiled a fantastic gallery of the finest New York photography–be it Babe Ruth the year he joined the Yankees, the Lanier Hotel, or Malcolm X chatting with Muhammad Ali–but in color.

The Finalists Of This Year’s Smithsonian Photography Contest

Over 50,000 entries flooded the judges’ desks for this year’s Smithsonian Photo Contest. With subjects as diverse as Ho Chi Minh City’s terraced fields to penguins hanging out in Antarctica to Slovakian sporting events, the photos are as diverse as they are technically immaculate. Photographers from over 130 countries participated in the competition, and the Smithsonian has whittled down the entries to 12. Tough task. See them all at My Modern Met.

How The World Celebrates Holy Week

As grocery stores are filled to the brim with Peeps, chocolate treats and bunny everything, there’s no escaping the arrival of Easter. Yet for millions of people all over the world, Easter is much more than candy, colorful eggs and friendly rabbits. April 13th marks the beginning of Holy Week 2014, an annual commemoration of the days that led up to the death of Jesus Christ. Holy Week, which encompasses Palm Sunday, Holy Saturday and Good Friday, is a period of both deep sadness and anticipation of Easter’s arrival, when Christians believe Jesus was resurrected. We’ve curated some of the most incredible images of the event just for your enjoyment. See them all at All That Is Interesting.

Photographer Captures Dogs When Their Owners Are Away

Dogs Alone Husky

Source: Design Taxi

When looking for something clever to say, it’s helpful to realize that Mark Twain has probably already said it–and for that matter, much more eloquently than you. Such is the case with his quip on dogs. Said Twain, “The more I know about people, the better I like my dog.” So what happens when dog’s best friend is gone? In her series, One Dog Policy, Finnish photographer Maija Astikainen asks just that. Be it a husky contemplating at an empty table or a bull dog engulfed in despondency in the shower, dogs have a hard time coping with their owner’s absence. It’s nice to be wanted.

Dogs Alone Bed

Source: Design Taxi

Dogs Alone Couch

Source: Design Taxi

Behind The Scenes Photos Of Young James Franco, Seth Rogen And Jason Segel

Segel Franco

Source: Imgur

Before they were famous, James Franco, Jason Segel and Seth Rogen played a pack of screw ups in a tragically short-lived TV series, Freaks and Geeks. The show has since become a cult classic and, well, you know what’s happened to the stars. Lucky for us, we can get our “Freaks” fix on anew thanks to this awesome Imgur gallery of behind the scenes photos.

Segel Drums

Source: Imgur

Rogen Franco Black White

Source: Imgur

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10 Pictures of Three-Week-Old Baby Meerkats That Will Make You Say Aww

April 10, 2014

Meerkats are pretty darn cute. With their tall, slender bodies and expressive faces, these critters are often caught perched on their two hind feet, scanning the savanna for predators. That being said, baby meerkats are even cuter. Photographer Will Burrard-Lucas recently traveled to the Makgadikgadi Pans region of Botswana to snap pictures of the beloved creatures. While there, Burrard-Lucas had the pleasure of capturing various images of a meerkat community that included some three-week-old baby meerkats. The resulting photos are playful, adorable and sure to brighten your day.

As you can see in this short clip, the baby meerkats enjoyed the photoshoot almost as much as Burrard-Lucas did:

Meerkats are friendly, family-oriented animals. They often live in communities and work together to stay safe and find food. Baby meerkats are raised by more than just their mothers—usually fathers and siblings pitch in to care for the young. These squirrel-like animals communicate with purring sounds, a language that helps them coordinate while hunting or standing guard.

In 2005, Animal Planet debuted Meerkat Manor, a reality show-inspired series that documented the lives of meerkats as they lived through circumstances that any human family might have faced, such as losing a loved one, moving to a new home or welcoming the birth of a child. Of course, the meerkats looked a whole lot cuter than any reality show star we’ve ever seen.

Baby Meerkats Photographed

Source: BuzzFeed

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