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The Serene Symmetry Of Sapporo, Japan

April 9, 2014

Sapporo City

Sapporo is home to as much history as it is beauty; in 1972, it hosted the Winter Olympics, making it the first Winter Olympics ever held in Asia.

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What We Love This Week, Volume XXVIII

August 23, 2013

Day To Night In The World’s Most Iconic Cities

Movement in the world’s most populous cities never stops, and neither should the photographic exposure of it. Not content with capturing these dynamic metropolises at a single moment in time, it was not uncommon for photographer Stephen Wilkes to spend around 15 hours a day shooting 1,500 of the same subject (so around 100 photos per hour, or a little under two photos per minute). Wilkes’ project took him all the way from DC to Jerusalem to Shanghai; for more stunning shots, head over to The Daily Mail.

Intimate Visions Of Lions In The Serengeti As Captured By A Rover

In order to understand the most natural and timeless events within our planet, we must sometimes use the most technologically-advanced materials. In the multimedia series “The Serengeti Lion” by photographer Michael Nichols, precisely that is achieved. Utilizing an unobtrusive robot rover to document lions in their most natural and unaware states, Nichols and his crew capture dynamic prides that drape the Serengeti with all of their dramatic appeal. Said one member about the efficacy of the rover: “The lions were dignified and just arrogantly ignored it most of the time.” To see all of the stunning photos, be sure to visit This Isn’t Happiness.

Michael Shainblum Captures The Universe’s “Best And Brightest”

As marketing and advertising techniques have become more and more sophisticated and pronounced, it’s easy to get caught up in the shiny, sparkling and stunning goods promoted to us each and every day. It’s even easier to forget that the world provides us with all of those things if we simply look into the stars. Reminding us of that in his stirring series Astrophotography, California-based photographer Micahel Shainblum captures the heavens above us in a way that incites awe, curiosity and gratitude at the same time. My Modern Met features an excellent spread of Shainblum’s work.

Blending The Past With The Present In Celebrity Photos

In the fashion world, styles and iconic aesthetics are reincarnated at a rate of what seems to be every other season. The same can be said–at least in Marc Gahli’s work–about various human icons. Convening the past with the present, Gahli seeks to “draw on parallels between influential figures and present them in an interpretive way”. Making some certainly provocative choices (Barack Obama’s face blending with emblazoned black-rights leader Malcolm X is sure to turn some heads), Gahli reminds us that certain personality types, leadership skills and talents will always have a home in the human canon, or at least a fluid and not-so distant predecessor. Visit The Huffington Post for more iconic blending.

The Most Amazing Offices In The World

Impressive Offices Thailand

Source: Huh Magazine

For most, the office is a place where dreams go to die. Where the humdrum replaces happiness, and the buzzing and flickering of fluorescent lights shows more animation than you do. However, as Huh Magazine so nobly points out, that doesn’t always have to be the case. For example, in a Thoreau-ean attempt to bring mankind back to nature, architects have devised an office space in Madrid where the only thing separating employees from the serenity of nature is a two-centimeter thick curved, plexiglass wall. Or you could find yourself at a telecommunications company in Bangkok, where football pitches, ampitheaters and performance spaces highlight their “play and learn” ethos so much that you might wonder how in the world you will ever get any work done.

Impressive Offices Madrid

Source: Huh Magazine

Impressive Offices London

Source: Huh Magazine

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London From Above

August 15, 2013

London From Above

Cities are defined by their skylines, and it should come as no surprise that as London transitions to a Western Shanghai, there’s been controversy. As the foggy metropolis is home to some incredibly rich, historic architecture, many are concerned that soaring, futuristic edifices will only cast a shadow on them. The eclipsed building that has worried most Londoners? The Tower of London, the William the Conqueror-crafted home of the Crown Jewels.