Amazing Images Of Calvin & Hobbes In The Real World

April 13, 2013
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calvin hobbes real world snow monsters

What happens when you mix the fantasy and cosmic adventures of Calvin and Hobbes with beautiful photographs? A striking set of images that superimpose Calvin and Hobbes onto the real world. All images via Michael Den Beste of Real Calvin & Hobbes.

calvin hobbes real world city

calvin hobbes real world yukon ho

calvin hobbes real world winter

calvin hobbes real world water jump

calvin hobbes real world trees

calvin hobbes real world tree house

calvin hobbes real world spaceman spiff

calvin hobbes real world skiing

calvin hobbes real world reading

calvin hobbes real world outdoors

calvin hobbes real world mars

calvin hobbes real world duplicator

calvin hobbes real world detective

calvin hobbes real world crossing river

Via All That Is Interesting: Amazing Images Of Calvin & Hobbes In The Real World

Calvin & Hobbes Say Farewell To Summer

August 31, 2012
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Calvin Hobbes Farewell to Summer Comic

Farewell summer, you will be missed!

The Weekly Roundup

August 3, 2012
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Here we are again, friends. Another Friday. Another day of watching the clock. But never fear: PBH Network is here to cheer you up for at least a few minutes.

 5. Pure Calvin


Calvin and Hobbes sure do know how to sum up the summer childhood experience in one panel, don’t they? It makes us yearn for the days of Popsicles in the pool and playing in the sand.

4. Running America Like Bain


Mitt really seems to have a handle on things, doesn’t he? You have to appreciate his ability to be so slimy while looking so sparkly white.

3. How to Perfectly Pour a Gunniess


We hope this is the perfect video to kick off your weekend. And if you hadn’t planned on having a Guinness on your glorious days off…well…maybe it will change your mind.

2. A Camouflaged Chameleon

This little dude knows exactly how to hide from predators…unless his predators also like to eat those leaves. In which case, he’s screwed.

1. Relatable Romney


Yeah, there’s two Romney pieces in this post. Sorry we’re not sorry. Relatable Romney was too good to pass up.

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