When It Comes To Architecture, Asians Know Their Shit

June 21, 2014
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Petronas Towers at NightThese are the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, and were the tallest buildings in the world from 1998 to 2004. I’ve never been to Asia, but I imagine if I did, I’d spend so much time gawking at these incredible structures that I’d have to wear a neck brace. (Source.)

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Big Apple Buildings That Refused To Grow

June 6, 2014
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Tiny tenement building in Midtown

New York is a city addicted to progress. Street expansions, renovations, and bigger skyscrapers will always be a part of the city’s landscape. Yet, a few little wonders remain; tenements and old edifices from New York’s more modest beginnings can be found if you have a keen eye. Or, just look at these photos.

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Hubert Blanz Explores Urban Spaces in Hectic Highway Photos

May 21, 2014
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Photos of City From Above

Source: Zeitraumzeit

Anyone who has ever traversed the busy streets of a crowded city will immediately relate to the overwhelming chaos that defines Hubert Blanz’s photography. His artwork is devoid of people, but full of complex architecture. By stacking and manipulating images of roads, homes and cars atop one another, Blanz creates an urban nightmare in which concrete pandemonium reigns. The series, Roadshow, builds upon images of pre-existing roads, intersections, freeways and bridges to create a masterpiece that’s equal parts overwhelming and intriguing.

Roadshow Photographs

Source: Hubert Blanz

Roadshow 4 by Hubert Blanz

Source: Hubert Blanz

Highway Photography Birds Eye View

Source: Hubert Blanz

Urban Codes Photograph

Source: Hubert Blanz

Blanz’s photography and video installations have largely centered themselves around his own fascination with mega cities and how they thrive while embedded in what appears to be pure mayhem. While the series differ aesthetically, they all share similar subject matter, which varies from urban infrastructure to grids to geographic structures. By digitally altering real-life structures and combining images of pre-existing roads and buildings, Blanz creates photographic manipulations that are both a product of the present and a peek into the future. In the Homeseekers series (seen in the following two images), Blanz explores the intimate relationship between cities, people and architecture.

Blanz was born in Hindelang, Germany in 1969. In 1999, he graduated from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, which is where he currently lives and works. For the past twenty years, both Blanz’s individual and group work have been exhibited throughout Europe, the United States and South America. Blanz has since nabbed numerous awards for his art, including various residencies.

Blanz Fifth Face

Source: Hubert Blanz

Aerial Photos of Airport

Source: Gizmodo

X Plantation Aerial Photography

Source: Hubert Blanz

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