The Best On-Stage Blunders Ever

October 12, 2012
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Dan Quayle’s Past “Future”

44th Vice President of the United States Dan Quayle is known primarily for two things: not being John F. Kennedy and his seemingly inevitable gaffes when presented with a microphone. The most popular of which being his controversial understanding of time and his inability to spell the word ‘potato’.

Bret Michaels Goes Out With A Bang

Poison frontman and VH1 denizen Bret Michaels deeply impacted the 2009 Tony Awards, though probably not in the way he would have liked. While making his exit from the stage of the Radio City Music Hall, Michaels made impact with the stage’s backdrop. It was a lasting one, too: Michaels’ famous face suffered a broken nose and several stitches. It was a little worse for CBS, though: an outraged Michaels filed a suit against the network.

Milli Vanilli’s Not-So “Truthful” Performance

Lip-syncing and faking your talent for a reality TV show deal is commonplace in contemporary American culture. But in 1990, viewers all over were shocked when the German pop duo Milli Vanilli was caught lip-syncing during a live performance. The group was subsequently stripped of their Grammy and their popularity.

George W. Bush’s Unique Proverbs

Regardless of your opines on W’s politics, his gaffes and solecisms in speech are difficult not to enjoy–at least in retrospect. The gem found above comes from a 2006 speech in Tennessee.

Beyonce: Sasha Falls

Beyonce may be the queen of hip hop, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t susceptible to a nasty spill. As seen above, a simple set of stairs proved to be the dreamy diva’s downfall–literally.

Rick Perry’s Feeble Memory

Left and right, there were many moments throughout the early 2012 presidential campaign season that were worthy of laughs–at least after you were able to pry your hands from your face and enjoy the spectacle for what it was. Above is a moment during the GOP primary debates wherein Texas hopeful Rick Perry was unable to name the three federal agencies he would cut were he to call 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue home.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Failed Foray Into Hip Hop

Following the overwhelming success that was his role as dark crooner Johnny Cash, troubled actor Joaquin Phoenix took an extended leave of absence from the Hollywood scene, only to reappear as what could either be an American Apparel model, hefty homeless person, or–and as was the case–an emerging underground hip hop sensation. Sadly, as evidenced above, this was not so. To Phoenix’s credit, though, he claims it was all an act.

Miss Teen USA’s Distinct–And Disjointed–Worldview

While this flaxen haired teen was not applying for a MENSA membership during this painful interview, her hopes of ever being invited to join that group have surely been all but dashed. When asked why she thought one fifth of American students were unable to find the United States on a map, the South Carolinian offered little more than prepositions, eyelash batting and incoherent phrases.