Seven Awesome Life Pro Tips

August 2, 2012
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Seven ways to make your life better with these easy and awesome life pro tips [via Reddit LPT, Lifehacker, and… well, us!]:

Save Your Email As A Keyboard Shortcut On Smartphones

Tired of typing in your email address on your phone? Take the step of saving your email address a keyboard shortcut to easily insert your email address:

Life Pro Tips Smartphone Email Shortcut

Perform Quick Searches In Chrome And Firefox

Life Pro Tips Chrome Firefox Quick Search

Save Yourself From Choking

Prevent yourself from dying alone at home from having stuffed too many cheetos in your mouth by learning how to save yourself from choking:

Make Clear & Purified Ice Cubes

Do your ice cubes come out opaque or weird colors? Boil the water beforehand to make your ice cubes crystal clear and to purify them of bacteria and germs:

Life Pro Tips Clear Ice Cube

Catch Annoying Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are nature’s way of annoying you during the summer (also: mosquitoes). Get rid of them by putting a couple tablespoons of sweet vinegar into a shallow glass. Then mix in a couple drops of liquid dish soap to break the water tension and voila, soon all your fruit flies will sink into the bottom of your trap:

Life Pro Tips Catch Fruit Flies

Easily Peel A Potato With No Hands

Peeling a potato can get pretty annoying. However, there’s an easy solution. After you boil a potato, put it into cold water for 5 seconds. Remove and twist the potato skin with your hands - the skin will fall right off!

Life Pro Tips Easy Potato Peel GIF

Hide Your Valuables During Beach Trips

Going into the ocean or for a walk during a beach trip often results in an awkward dance of trying to figure out what to do with your valuables. Instead, empty out a sun tan lotion container and use it to store your valuables:

Life Pro Tips Valuable In Lotion Bottle