These Sumi-e Ink Paintings Are Pure Sex

June 20, 2014
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Sumi-e, like many East Asian cultural practices, is just as meditative as it is practical. Time is taken to hand-mix the black ink, and great care is given to the soft, wispy brush. All of the above give a sensual, fluid feeling to sumi-like pieces, and Brooklyn artist Ray Jones uses this technique to create some really sexy work.

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The Obscure, Beautiful Moons of the Outer Planets

June 19, 2014
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Miranda, Moon of Uranus

This charming baby right here is Miranda, one of the 27 known moons of Uranus. Soon enough, you guys will learn that I’m an absolute fucking fanatic for moons. Love ‘em. Always dig me a good moon. I imagine the sounds of the celestial spheres when I’m trying to go to sleep. There’s something about them: multitudinous and often obscured bodies of rock and ash, grinding and glowing in the midnight sky, accompanying their planetary guardians like the court of a long-standing king; always there, always watching.

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Horsey Surprise: Tweets of a True American

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Horsey Surprise Tweet: men are better swimmers than women

I wanna meet Ken M. I think he’d be a swell guy. He’s pretty smart about lots of stuff, and he’s got real real good advice.

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